Bureau of Consumer Services

Division of Customer Assistance and Complaints

This division is responsible for answering questions and handling complaints about electric, electric restructuring, utility competition, natural gas, telephone, steam heat, water and wastewater companies. Investigators arbitrate billing, credit and miscellaneous problems and issue binding decisions for resolving informal complaints. The division’s 1-800-692-7380 line handles customer questions and complaints. This division also helps to ensure that consumers subject to termination have the opportunity for Commission review. Consumers can also call if they have questions about the restructuring of the electric industry and utility competition.

The Division of Policy

The Division of Policy monitors and evaluates the customer service practices and programs of utilities. This is done, in part, by completing field reviews of utilities’ operations and by reviewing complaints. The division also works to ensure that utilities comply with customer service regulations including regulations pertaining to the Low Income Usage Reduction Program (LIURP) and the Commission’s Customer Assistance Program (CAP) Policy Statement. The division uses its Consumer Services Information System (CSIS) to track trends in the number and type of consumer complaints and inquiries, utility performance at handling customer complaints and payment arrangement requests and to monitor LIURP. The information in the CSIS, other bureau databases and findings from the division's field reviews permit the bureau to analyze utility performance and produce evaluative reports for the PUC, utilities and the public.