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The Consolidated Case View displays the case information, actions taken on the case, and links to public documents associated with the case, which is identified by the Docket Number A-2015-2474713.

Case Summary

Docket Number A-2015-2474713 Closed
Applicant: MIRACLE MOTORS INC Utility Code: 8917510
Complainant: Utility Name: MIRACLE MOTORS, INC.
Respondent: Utility Type: Truck
Responsible Bureau: TUS Efiling Confirmation Number (Case):
Date Filed: 3/13/2015 Date Posted: 4/1/2015
Case Description: Application of Miracle Motors Inc for approval to transport property between points in Pennsylvania    

Daily Actions

Action Date Description Posted Date
4/1/2015 Case Created - A-2015-2474713 - Miracle Motors Inc filed application for authority to begin transporting property, excluding household goods in use 4/1/2015
4/1/2015 Assigned Responsible Bureau - TUS 4/1/2015
4/1/2015 Document Published on Web - Document 'Application to Begin Service' is made public 4/1/2015
4/2/2015 Document Served - Other - See Comments - Compliance Letter Served 4/2/2015 4/2/2015
6/11/2015 Document Attached to Case - Insurance Filing-Application Dismissal Letter - AppDismissalLetter201561163547-526.docx 6/11/2015
6/11/2015 Document Served - Other - See Comments - DISMISSAL LETTER SERVED 6/11/15 6/11/2015
6/11/2015 Document Published on Web - Document 'AppDismissalLetter201561163547-526.docx' is made public 6/11/2015

Public Documents

Document Name Document Type eFiling Confirmation Number Date Received Date Served Reference Docket Number
Application to Begin Service Application to Begin Service 3/13/2015
AppDismissalLetter201561163547-526.docx Application Dismissal Letter 6/11/2015 6/11/2015