Utility Type Associated Service Type
Airplane Airplane
Broker Broker
Broker of Freight
Broker of Household Goods
Broker of Passengers
Bus Airport Transfer
Contract Carrier of Passengers
Experimental Service
Group and Party 15 or less
Group and Party 16 or greater
Schedule Route
Combination Utility Combination Utility
Contract Carrier ContractCarrier
Electric Electric Distributor
Electric Generator Supplier
Forwarder Forwarder
Gas Gas
Natural Gas Supplier
Holding company Holding Company
Non Regulated Railroad Non Regulated Railroad
Non-Certified Non-Certified
Pipeline PipeLine
Radio Telephone Radio Telephone
Railroad Railroad
Special Special
Steam Heat and Chilled Water Chilled Water
Steam Heat
Steam Heat and Chilled Water
Taxi Taxi
Telegraph Telegraph
Telephone Competitive Access Provider
Competitive Local Exchange Carrier
Interexchange Carrier
Interexchange Carrier Reseller
Local Exchange Carrier
Truck Household Goods Carrier Truck
Wastewater Wastewater
Wastewater (Municipal)
Wastewater (Private)
Water Water (Municipal)
Water (Private)