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Dictionary of Utility Terms

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Electric Terms

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Consumer Information

Water: We All Need It. We Always Need It - Water Brochure

Responsible Utility Consumer Protection Act Fact Sheet

Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Pennsylvania Utility Consumer

Hints for Speaking at Public Hearings

Energy Assistance Information

Energy Assistance
Consumer tips for saving energy and programs that are available to help low-income customers.

PA Energy Consumer Bill of Rights
Residential energy customers in Pennsylvania have both rights and responsibilities that ensure fair dealings between customers and the utility company.

Rules Governing Termination/Reconnections/Payments/Cash Deposits

Responsible Utility Consumer Protection Act (Chapter 14) Fact Sheet - Water
These fact sheets explain the changes to the rules that apply to cash deposits; reconnection of service; termination of service; payment arrangements and the filing of termination complaints by electric, gas and water consumers.

System Improvement Charges

System Improvement Charges - Distribution and Collection
Fact Sheet that defines system improvement charges for water companies, and request to use it for wastewater and natural gas companies

Ratemaking Process

PUC Ratemaking Process Fact Sheet
This fact sheet reviews the PUC ratemaking process and the role of consumers in the process.

Complaint Filing Process

Consumer Complaint Procedures Guide If you have a problem or concern with a public utility, you can file either a Formal or Informal Complaint. This comprehensive guide will show you how.

Know the PUC Complaint Process and Your Options brochure is a quick guide with contact information, check lists, and brief descriptions of the complaints processes.