Area Codes in Central Pennsylvania

Current Area Codes

There are two area codes in Central Pennsylvania: 717 and 223.

717/223 Area Code Map
Outlines the counties and rate centers in the 717/223 region.

In April 1999, the 717 area code split into two regions. The southern region kept the 717 area code and the northern section was given the 570 area code.

On Oct. 27, 2016, the Commission approved an implementation plan establishing a new “overlay” area code for the 717 Number Planning Area (NPA), which covers all or part of 16 counties in central Pennsylvania. Mandatory 10-digit dialing becomes effective on Aug. 26, 2017 for the 717 service area, and numbers for the new “223” overlay will become available after Sept. 26, 2017.

717/223 Overlay Fact Sheet – Information, key date and tips regarding the switch to mandatory 10-digit dialing in the 717/223 service area.