Gas Safety Seminar Presentations

Each year the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission hosts a Gas Safety Seminar, which is open to any public utility, gas producer, pipeline company, master meter operator and any entity interested in pipeline safety. Below are presentations that were shared at the seminars.



Agenda - Agenda for the Gas Safety Conference, held on September 5-6, 2018 in State College.

Damage Prevention - Once Call Enforcement
Under Act 50 of 2017
ICS for Energy Emergencies - EnergyEmergencies.Com
Soil Corrosivity Mapping & Corrosion Accidents - Matergenics
Gold Shovel Standard - Gold Shovel Standard
Welding Issues 2013-2018 - PA PUC
Data Summary - PA PUC
PA Act 287 for the Facility Owner - PA One Call
Protective Security Advisor Program &
DHS Services
- Dept. of Homeland Security
Scene Awareness & Professional Cooperation - Allegheny County Fire Marshal's Office
DC Interference Testing Case Studies - Accurate Corrosion Control Inc.
Breaking the Plane of Confined Spaces  - EnterTraining Solutions
MAOP Validaton Program  - Audubon Field Solutions


Agenda - Agenda for the Gas Safety Conference, held on September 6-7, 2017 in State College.

UGI Relief Capacity Spreadsheet  - UGI Utilities
The Collapse of Trench Safety - RETTEW
Emergency Plans - PHMSA
How PGW manges Pipeline Installtion in a Congested Underground - PGW
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) - PECO
Pennsylvania One Call System Inc. - PA One Call
Catastrophic Failure of Aging Underground Pipelines - Exova
Riser Identification Program - Columbia Gas of PA
Pipeline Safty Regulatory Update - PHMSA


Agenda - Agenda for the Gas Safety Conference, held on September 7-8, 2016 in State College.

Gas Safety Conference Presentations

What is the Bureau of Investigation & Enforcement?  - Public Utility Commission
Carbon Dioxide: The Other Silent Killer - Heath Consultants Inc.
PA Cross Bores: Leaving a Legacy of Safety - UGI & Columbia Gas
2016 Compliance Review - PUC Gas Safety
DIMP Review - PECO
PA One Call  - Pennsylvania One Call System Inc.
Catastrophic Failure of Aging Underground Pipelines - Exova
Emergency Response for Energy Emergencies - Mike Callan
Integrity Management Update - PHMSA


Agenda - Agenda for the Gas Safety Conference, held on September 9-10, 2015 in State College.

Gas Safety Conference Presentations

Emergency Gas & Electric Shut-Offs - D. Searfoorce, PUC Gathering Lines & API RP 80 - M. Chilek, PUC 
Act 127 - C. DeMarco, PUC Distribution Integrity Management - PUC
Basics of the Residential Termination Process - D. Kline, PUC Leak Migration & Classification - G. Lomax, Heath Consultants
MAOP Verification Process - M. Friend, DOT MAOP Determination - R. Horensky & T. Cooper Smith, PUC
Compliance Review - C. Whiteash, PUC  

Vendor Presentations

OmniMetrix Russell Corrosion Consultants
System One  

Presenter Biographies

Daniel Searfoorce Fred Baldassare
Kevin Goldblum Michael Callan
Jessica Macker and Jose Figueroa Leanne Meyer
George Lomax Donald A. Brucker


Gas Safety Seminar Overview - Presented by the PUC on October 7, 2014.

Company Overview - Presented by the System One.

Understanding Graphitization Risk - Presented by WATTA Inc.

O&M and Emergency Plans - Presented by the US Department of Transportation/PHMSA Inspector Training & Qualifications.

API 15S Spoolable Composite Pipeline Systems - Presented by the FlexSteel Pipeline Technologies on October 7, 2014.

Operator Qualification (OQ) Solution - Presented by the EnergyWorldNet.

The Power of the "Q" - Presented by the Quanta Services.

Electronic Marking Benefits - Presented by the 3M Dynatel.

Compliance Review - Presented by the PUC on October 7, 2014.

Engineering & Design - Presented by the Pennoni Associates Inc.