Informal Complaint Form

Due to the volume of informal complaints that the PUC is currently receiving, it may take 3 to 5 business days to respond to your complaint.

If your complaint is TERMINATION related, you may want to consider contacting the PUC's Bureau of Consumer Services at 1-800-692-7380 rather than filing an online informal complaint. 

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Complaint Checklist and Instructions for the Informal Complaint Form - Please review both before filling out the Informal Complaint Form.

Required fields are indicated by an * and yellow-shaded textboxes. If you do not provide this information we will not make a record of your informal complaint, opinion or comment.

* Type of Service:
* Company Name:
* Account Holder Name:    
* Submitter Name: (If person filling out the form is different than the account holder.)
* Service Address:  
* County:
Mailing Address: (Different than Service Address. )
* Contact Numbers: (Check this box if you do not have a phone number. )
* Does the PUC have permission to use your cell phone number to communicate with you, including text message updates, regarding your complaint? To assist with a resolution, your cell number may be shared with the utility.
Email Address:      
* Does the PUC have permission to communicate with you by email regarding updates, questions, and a copy of the final decision? Your email address may be shared with the utility.
* Have you called the company about your complaint?
* Approximate Date of Last Company Contact:  

* Utility Type:
* Utility Company Name:
Account Number:
* 2nd Utility Company Name:
2nd Account Number:
* Heat Related (Gas/Electric/Water only)
* Is your service on or off?           Service Off Date:
* Do you have a termination notice?
     What is the termination date and the amount due that is shown on the notice you received from the company?
           Termination Date on Notice:          Amount Due on Notice:
* Are you on the company's Customer Assistance Program?
* Are you requesting a payment arrangement?
      * Please provide the total gross income for all adults in the household:
            Income Type:       Income Amount:
      * Please provide your household size:
            No. of Adults:       No. of Children under 18:       Ages of Children: (Example: 1, 4, 6)

To submit documents with your complaint or opinion, please click the Submit Form and Upload Attachments button below after completing the form (File(s) must be in PDF format).

* Please enter complaint details:
Note: Please briefly enter specific details like bill amount, month/date billed, complaint reason, etc. to expedite processing.
* What is the resolution you are seeking for this issue?
* Briefly explain what the company told you when you spoke to them about the issue:
* Sometimes the information we gather while investigating a complaint is useful in a PUC formal case or in a legal action by the PA Attorney General's Office. Do we have your permission to use information we gather during this investigation in a formal or legal action?
* Do we have your permission to request information about your account from your utility company?