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Fixed Utility Valuation Engineer 1 - 2 positions

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is proud to be an equal opportunity employer supporting workplace diversity.



$55,844.00 - $72,822.00 Annually


Civil Service


Public Utility Commission


Dauphin County




03/02/18 11:59 PM














Bureau of Investigation and Enforcement


400 North Street






Shannon Marciano





If you anticipate the need for an accommodation due to a disability, please inform the Human Resource Office at the time an interview is scheduled.

This vacancy is also being posted as a Fixed Utility Valuation Engineer Trainee (see Announcement #14-18).

Scheduled work hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. - Monday through Friday.


This is an entry-level professional position with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission pertaining to the engineering aspects of public utility regulation within the Commonwealth. 
Assists in the performance of studies and analyses of the engineering-related areas including valuation, depreciation, cost of service, quality of service, reliability of service, default service plans, procurement of alternate energy credits proposals and merger-related issues as they apply to fixed utilities.
Assignments are selected to provide experience in the practical application of the theory and basic principles of utility regulation in Pennsylvania.  Assignments are increased in difficulty and are performed with increasingly independent action as higher levels of experience and knowledge are attained.
Assists in the performance of studies and analyses of revenues and gas procurement practices as required to process rate increase requests, 1307(f) purchased gas cost filings and general tariff revisions.
Initially reads and studies public utility law, rules, regulations, Commission orders and other material relevant to the engineering aspects of fixed utility regulation.
Assists in reviewing, comparing and performing analyses in specific areas of valuation engineering and rate structure including valuation concepts, original cost, property records, depreciation methodologies, intangible values, rate base, fixed capital costs, inventory processing, excess capacity, nuclear decommissioning, cost of service and rate design.
Assists in the preparation of data requests and interrogatories relating to valuation, revenue, quality and reliability of service, rate structure and other engineering-related areas of rate regulation. 
Assists in the preparation of staff exhibits and direct testimony, preparation of valuation, revenue, quality and reliability of service and rate structure portions of staff reports with recommendations to the Commission regarding I&E's position in rate-related matters.
Assists in the cross examination of utility expert witnesses or consultants hired by utilities by recommending lines of cross that will help enhance the I&E position in a formal proceeding.
Attends prehearing, mediation and settlement conferences.  Receives and reviews any additional data pertinent to the case, including direct testimony of the utility and complainants.
Participates in on-site inspections of fixed utility plant in order to verify whether the equipment is used and useful and compatible with proposed rates and/or operations needs.  Obtains an understanding of the operation of the equipment used in the provision of fixed utility service.
Prepares, as directed, comparison studies of the valuation engineering, rate structure and revenue segments of rate filings submitted by fixed utilities.  The results of such studies may be submitted in the form of exhibits and analysis of findings for presentation at hearings with the goal of confirming the conclusions reached by such analysis.
May present oral direct, rebuttal and surrebuttal testimony and respond orally to cross examination questions in formal rate hearings.
Provides written responses to interrogatories and on-the-record data requests propounded by jurisdictional utilities or other parties to a proceeding.
Attends training sessions regarding contemporary ratemaking issues.  Keeps abreast of changes and trends affecting each utility industry.  These include engineering methods, regulation, economics, statistical procedures and technology.
Uses Excel, or any other officially designated computer spreadsheet software to create staff exhibits.
Performs other duties as required.

 Essential Functions:

Ability to communicate clearly both verbally and in writing.

Ability to participate in an on-the-job training program designed to develop practical proficiency in the analysis of engineering related subjects of fixed utility rate-related proceedings.

Ability to assist in the review of and perform the analysis of engineering, economic and statistical data in the areas of rate base evaluation, rate structure, cost of service, 1307(f) gas cost and related issues.

Ability to assist in the preparation of the rate structure and engineering portion of I&E briefs and reports.

Ability to assist in the development and presentation of conclusions in testimony and reports on a variety of engineering, economic and statistical issues based on the data presented in proceedings before the Commission.

Ability to assist senior engineers in the preparation of staff testimony on rate base, rate structure cost of service and 1307(f) gas cost issues for presentation at rate investigation hearings.

Ability to assist in the analysis of cost of service studies and bill frequency analyses, and review hearing transcripts, exhibits and other documents submitted in rate-related case filings.

Ability to assist in the preparation of interrogatories and studies that support and/or assist in the presentation of I&E positions.

Ability to attend hearings in order to assist in the provision of technical support to the prosecutory staff in contested proceedings on engineering, economic and statistical issues.

Ability to inspect utility plants in order to determine if the equipment is used and useful and compatible with the proposed rates, and to gain an understanding of the operation of the equipment.

Ability to attend prehearing conferences, mediation and settlement conferences of rate-related proceedings.

Ability to participate in meetings with utility personnel to discuss issues and to facilitate understanding of engineering, economic and statistical issues.

Ability to keep abreast of developments in utility regulation through independent study, attendance at lectures and conferences and review of industry-related magazines and newsletters.


Eligibility - all candidates
Meet the minimum experience and training required for the job: One year as a Fixed Utility Valuation Engineer Trainee


One year technological engineering or valuation engineering experience involving the operation of a public or private generation, collection and distribution system, or related experience with a public utility, public utility regulatory agency, or as a consulting engineer in related work; and a bachelor's degree in engineering or engineering Technology specifically related to-construction and design of generation, collection and distribution systems; or any equivalent combination of experience or training. A master's degree in engineering will be acceptable in lieu of the one-year's technological experience.

Be a resident of Pennsylvania.

Be eligible for selection in accordance with Civil Service rules.


The next lower classification(s) for promotional purposes in accordance with collective bargaining:
Fixed Utility Valuation Engineer Trainee

Recruitment Method(s):
Applicants must meet one (or more) of the following methods(s) to be considered for this vacancy:

  • Seniority Promotion (Bidding employees in the next lower classification within the designated seniority unit.)
  • Seniority Unit Lateral (Movement to the same class title within the designated seniority unit.)
  • Civil Service Lists (Fill by examination in accordance with collective bargaining.)

When the collective bargaining obligation(s) have been met, then the following recruitment methods may be used:

  • Promotion Without Examination
  • Transfer
  • Reassignment
  • Voluntary Demotion
  • Reinstatement

Eligibility - Competitive Promotion Without Examination Only

  1. Have held regular civil service status in one of the following classifications:

Or in a classification at Pay Scale Group 6 where there is a clear linkage between the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform the duties of that class and the knowledge, skills, and abilities required of the Fixed Utility Valuation Engineer 1 class. Applications submitted will be reviewed to determine if an applicant's current or previous class has a logical occupational, functional, or career development relationship to the Fixed Utility Valuation Engineer 1 class.

Selection Criteria

  1. Minimum experience and training required for the job.
  2. Meritorious service; defined as (a) the absence of any discipline above the level of written reprimand during the 12 months preceding the closing date of the posting, and (b) the last due overall regular or probationary performance evaluation was higher than unsatisfactory or fails to meet standards.
  3. Seniority, defined as a minimum of one year(s) in the next lower class(es) by the posting closing date of 3/2/2018.

This section is issued for compliance with Management Directive 580.19, Promotion in the Classified Service without Examination.

How to apply - all candidates:
Submit an online application at on or before Friday, March 2, 2018 and include:

  • Resume
  • Please attach a copy of your most recent Employee Performance Review (EPR) to your application - if you do not have this document, please include a note explaining why it is not included.

All application materials must be filed online by the closing date of this posting. Faxed, e-mailed, mailed, late and/or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

To be considered for this vacancy, all applicants must meet the minimum experience and training requirements.

In addition to the application materials listed above, individuals applying for Voluntary Demotion must submit a letter of interest acknowledging reduction in pay.

Individuals applying for Reinstatement must submit a letter of interest requesting consideration for reinstatement.

Please use the contact information provided for additional information.



400 North Street
Harrisburg, PA 17120

An Equal Opportunity Employer

Position #15-18