Application for Authority to Provide Telecommunications Services

Instruction and Forms

Application Cover Letter

Application Form and Check List

911 Coordinators List (Link to PEMA's list for 911 coordinators in PA - listed by county.)

Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers by County

911 Surcharge Rates (Link to PEMA's website.)

Minimum Requirements for Financial Fitness

Minimum Requirements for Tariff Sufficiency

Incumbent Local Exchange Calling Areas

Reporting Requirements of Telecommunication Carriers

Company Contact Form (Excel Document)

Implementation Order - Telecommunications Act 96 (M-00960799) 5/96 (PDF)

Reconsideration Order - Telecommunications Act 96 (M-00960799) 9/96 (PDF)

Secretarial Letter - Relinquishing Eligible Telecommunications Carrier Status (M-2013-2380576) 8/27/13 (Word)

Implementation of  711 Final Order (M-00900239) 2/2/00 (PDF)

Policy Statement Order (M-00981209)11/18/98 - Tariff provisions that limit the liability of utilities. (PDF)

Sample Language Available

911 Tariffs

Toll Presubscription

PA Telecommunications Relay Service

Caller ID Blocking