2012 Forms for Rural Communications Carriers & Verizon North

Executive Summary and Discussion (Word) - An outline of the Executive Summary and Discussion Section of the required report. The Discussion Section explains the data that is shown in the following forms (files 2-5) and also explains how the 13 Guidelines (file 6) are being met.

NMP Key Plan Components Status (Word) - This form is a table to list the status of key NMP components.

DSL Deployment Status (Excel) - A table to show the status of DSL deployment.

Broadband Deployment Status (Excel) - The table shows the status of broadband deployment.

Network Modernization Investment Status (Excel) - A table that shows the status of the network modernization investment.

Thirteen Guidelines Status and Compliance (Word) - This form lists the 13 Guidelines that must be addressed in the Discussion Section of the report.

Reference Files

File List - Biennial NMP Report Forms (Word) - A listing of the nine files in this collection and their file names.

Required Items Checklist (Word) - A checklist of the items required for the report.

Cover Sheet and Section Title Sheets (Word) - A template for the cover sheet and section title sheets for use in collating the submitted report.