Contact Information

If you have a complaint about the TRS, you have several options:

1. You may contact the TRS service provider, Hamilton Relay Inc.

2. You may file an informal complaint with the Public Utility Commission's Bureau of Consumer Services:

Mailing Address
Bureau of Consumer Services
Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission
P.O. Box 3265 
Harrisburg , PA   17105-3265

Formal complaint forms can be downloaded from the Public Utility Commission's web page dealing with Forms and Complaints.  General information regarding the filing of complaints and the dispute resolution process can be obtained from the Filing Information page.

3.  If you need further assistance, you may contact the Commission's Bureau of Consumer Services toll free at 1-800-692-7380.

4.  If you still have concerns, you may contact the FCC's Consumer Information Bureau at 

  • Voice: 888-CALL-FCC
  • TTY: 888-TELL-FCC