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Create an eFiling Account

In order to electronically file documents with the Commission, you will first need to create an eFiling user account. After your account has been verified and approved by the Commission, you may begin filing documents. Before commencing the actual filing process, you should locate and prepare your documents as pdf files. For a brief explanation of the two types of efiling accounts available, Individual and Corporate, please review the eFiling FAQs.

If you already have an Account, you can log in here. To create an account, please fill out and submit the form below.

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By checking this box, I agree that I will accept electronic service in this Commission proceeding in which I am a party of record. By selecting electronic service (eService), notification of filings via electronic mail shall constitute valid service of eFiled documents. I understand that such electronic service of any and all documents will be in place of paper service. I agree to be served via email with all subsequent filings. I agree that email notices will be sent on the same day the document is posted.

Terms and Agreement

I hereby request to voluntarily participate in the electronic filing of documents via the Internet (eFiling) using the Commission’s eFiling system. I agree that the use of a user name and password in accordance with the Commission’s orders, rules, and technical specifications will constitute my signature and validation of filed documents pursuant to the Commission’s Electronic Filing Regulations. I further acknowledge that I, and any parties on whose behalf I am filing, assume all risks associated with the eFiling of documents, including the risk that the system or eFiling function may become unavailable at any time without prior notice, or that electronic mail notifications sent by the eFiling system may be blocked or delayed by causes beyond the control of the Commission or the user. In addition, I acknowledge that failure to abide by the Commission’s rules, technical requirements or other directives may result in the revocation of electronic filing privileges without prior notice.

By clicking on the 'Create Account' button below, you are agreeing to all the Terms and Agreements listed above.