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Secretarial Letters dated August 16, 2012

The PUC is waiving its regulations to increase the file size limit of eFiled documents from 5 megabytes (MB) to 10 MB. Also, we have continued to add qualified documents that are eligible for eFiling. Here are links to the Secretarial letters dated August 16, 2012: Electronic Filing - Size of Qualified Documents and Paper Copy Requirements, Paper Filing - Elimination of Additional Paper Copy Filing Requirements

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If you are enrolled in the Commissions electronic filing system you can choose to have your account revoked at any time without penalty or detriment to an ongoing proceeding. In order to revoke your account, however, you must file a notice to do so with the Commission. The notice must include the information set forth at Chapter 52 Pa Code 1.32(b)(6)(i). You must also notify, following proper service requirements, all other parties involved in any active proceeding you currently have before the Commission in order for the revocation to take effect.

From the effective date of successful revocation of your electronic filing system account, your ability to file and serve documents electronically will cease and you must serve all documents regarding your proceeding in paper form in accordance with Commission service rules and regulations (Chapter 52 Pa Code sections 1.54, 1.55, 1.56, 1.57, 1.58 and 1.59). You will also receive service of all documents in the same manner.

Revoking your electronic filing system account is not the only manner in which an account can be disabled. If the Commission finds that an individual, through their account, has been abusing* the electronic filing privileges, it can cancel that account and revoke the individuals ability to use the system after giving proper notice to the account user. If the individual is a party to an active proceeding at the time of revocation and has consented to receive electronic service, the individual must serve the other parties to the proceeding with a notice of revocation.

* Abuse of the Commissions electronic filing privileges includes knowingly allowing another person, not the owner of the account or an authorized agent of the owner, to use the user ID and password, as well as knowingly engaging in actions that interfere with the security of the electronic filing system, i.e., introducing viruses or destructive programming into the system.