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Energy Saving Information for Summer

Summer Heat Wave Tips
Tips on saving energy during the summer months.

Home Heating Rebates and Loan Programs

Keystone Help
A loan energy program that allows consumers to get a low cost loan for ENERGY STAR® rated and high efficiency heating, air conditioning, air sealing, insulation, windows, doors, geothermal and “whole house” improvements using Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® .

Prepare Now

Prepare Now for winter energy costs.  Learn more about conservation.  Check you electric and natural gas bills and supplier contracts. 

The following information can help consumers learn more about how to Prepare Now for higher energy costs:
Prepare Now Fact Sheet - Spanish Version - - Easy ways to save energy and money this winter.
Home Heating Safety Tips - Information on how to safely heat your home.
General Conservation Tips - Information on where to conserve around the house.
Need Help Staying Warm this Heating Season - Spanish Version- Information on where help is available.
Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFLs) in- Information on CFLs and Mercury.
$aving Water: Room by Room - Tips for how water is used around the house and how your can conserve.

Energy Assistance Information

Prepare for Winter!

Energy Assistance
Consumer tips for saving energy and programs that are available to help low-income customers.

PA Energy Consumer Bill of Rights - Spanish Version
Residential energy customers in Pennsylvania have both rights and responsibilities that ensure fair dealings between customers and the utility company.

Consumer Information, Programs and Services

Consumer Workshops

Consumer Publications
Information on Electric Choice, hints for speaking at a public hearing, and glossaries of utility terms.

Rules Governing Termination/Reconnections/Payments/Cash Deposits

Responsible Utility Consumer Protection Act (Chapter 14) Fact Sheet - Spanish Version

Responsible Utility Consumer Protection Act (Chapter 14) Fact Sheet - Water - Spanish Version
These fact sheets explain the changes to the rules that apply to cash deposits; reconnection of service; termination of service; payment arrangements and the filing of termination complaints by electric, gas and water consumers.

System Improvement Charges

System Improvement Charges - Distribution and Collection
Fact Sheet that defines system improvement charges for water companies, and request to use it for wastewater and natural gas companies.

High-Speed Internet Service

Do You Want High-Speed Internet Service?
Brochure that explains how consumers can receive high-speed access to Internet service.

Ratemaking Process

PUC Ratemaking Process Fact Sheet
This fact sheet reviews the PUC ratemaking process and the role of consumers in the process.

Rate Caps

PUC Rate Cap Fact Sheet
This fact sheet reviews the history and status of electricity generation rate caps in Pennsylvania.

PUC Rate Caps and Taking Action Fact Sheet
This fact sheet talks about the expiration of electricity generation rate caps and how consumers can take action.

PAPowerSwitch-Shop. Switch. Save. - Spanish Version
This brochure gives tips on how to shop for electricity, switch suppliers and save money.

Shopping for Electricity
This fact sheet gives tips on where to shop for electricity and answers some frequently asked questions regarding how to shop for an electric supplier.

Electric Bill Breakdown
These fact sheets help you understand your electric bill by breaking down the various charges and answers questions regarding electric bills

PECO Energy
PECO Energy - Residential Heat
PECO Energy - Off-Peak/Residential Heat
Penn Power
Pike County Light
Wellsboro Electric
Citizens Electric
Duquesne Light
West Penn Power (Formerly Allegheny Power)

Three Components of Electric Service
This fact sheet explains through a diagram, the three components of electric service.

PUC Rate Cap Commercial & Industrial Customers Fact Sheet
This fact sheet reviews the history and status of electricity generation rate caps for commercial and industrial customers in Pennsylvania.

Choosing an Aggregator or Broker for Electric Supply
This fact sheet defines what an aggregator are broker are, and how to work with them.

Energy Efficiency & Conservation

Residential Fact Sheet
This fact sheet gives energy efficiency and conservation information for the home.

Business Fact Sheet
This fact sheet gives energy efficiency and conservation information for businesses.

Energy Efficiency Programs and Rebates
Find out how your electric company can help you lower your energy bill and put money back in your pocket.

Ways to Save Energy
Tips on saving energy around the house. 

Tips on Home Energy Conservation - Energy Savers Booklet
Additional tips on how to conserve energy in the home.

Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy & Economic Development in PA
A fact sheet that reviews the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards Act and energy credits available in Pennsylvania.

Using Alternative Energy at Home in Pennsylvania
This fact sheet describes how residential alternative energy can connect the the electric grid.

Complaint Filing Process

Complaint Filing Process Fact Sheet - Spanish Version
This fact sheet explains how to file a complaint with the PUC and reviews the difference between an informal complaint and a formal complaint.

Consumer Telephone Tips

Telephone Tips
The PUC's Bureau of Consumer Services (BCS) often receives complaints from consumers on a variety of issues. Here is a telephone tip guide on the most common complaints we receive.

Transmission Lines

Transmission Lines Fact Sheet
This fact sheet gives an overview of Transmission Lines - the regulations, application process, hearings, protests, and much more.

Summaries of PUC Court Decisions

Summaries of PUC Court Decisions
These summaries are compiled for the convenience of the public

Consumer Advisory Council (CAC)

CAC General Information
Consumer Advisory Council general information, including CAC members, and meeting information

Service Outage Response and Restoration Practices Proposed Rulemaking Order

Comments on the Proposed Rulemaking Order with respect to Service Outage Response and Restoration Practices, at Docket No. L-2009-2104274, and also in the matter of the Commission's Proposed Policy Statement with respect to Utility Service Outage Notification Guidelines at Docket No. M-2008-2065532.

Service Outage Response & Restoration Practices

Service Outage Notification Guidelines



Pennsylvania Telephone Association

Pennsylvania Telephone Association

UGI Utilities

UGI Utilities

Office of Consumer Advocate

Office of Consumer Advocate

Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW)

Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW)

Allegheny Power

Allegheny Power

PA AFL-CIO Utility Caucus

PA Emergency Management Agency (PEMA)

Duquesne Light

Duquesne Light

PPL Electric

PPL Electric

FirstEnergy Companies

FirstEnergy Companies

Energy Association of PA

Energy Association of PA

PECO Energy

PECO Energy

Columbia Gas


Reply Comments

Reply Comments


Pennsylvania Telephone Association

Chapter 56 Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

Pennsylvania Code Chapter 56 - Link to Chapter 56 relating to Standards and Billing Practices for Residential Utility Service.

The Revised Final Rulemaking Order was adopted at the Public Meeting of June 9, 2011, at Docket No. L-00060182. The order was entered on June 13, 2011.

Revised Final Rulemaking Order

Revised Final Report to IRRC

Revised Annex A

Revised Attachment 1

Revised Attachment 2 - Significant Revisions

Revised Attachment 3 - Cost Savings

Revised Attachment 4 - 14/56 Cross Reference

Revised Attachment 5 - 56/14 Cross Reference

Revised Attachment 6 - PFA Cross Reference

The Notice of Proposed Rulemaking will revise the PUC's regulations at 52 Pa. Code Chapter 56, to ensure they are consistent with Act 201 of 2004, also known as Chapter 14.   The Commission also used the opportunity to address other issues with Chapter 56 including updates needed due to technological advances such as electronic billing and payments, e-mail and the Internet.

Natural Gas Universal Service Task Force

General Information

An overview of the mission of the Natural Gas Universal Service Task Force

Other Links

Other State Commissions Websites

PA Office of Consumer Advocate

PA Office of Small Business Advocate

National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissions - Digital TV Information