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Staff Directory

Chairman & Commissioners

Chairman Gladys Brown Dutrieuille Commissioner - Vacant
Commissioner John F. Coleman Jr. Vice Chairman David W. Sweet
Commissioner Ralph V. Yanora  


The Executive Offices

Executive Director Director of the Office of Competitive Market Oversight
Director of Regulatory Affairs  

General Listings

Office of Administrative Law Judge Bureau of Administration
Bureau of Audits The Office of Communications
Community Relations Bureau of Consumer Services
General Information Human Resources
Bureau of Investigation & Enforcement Law Bureau
Legislative Affairs Library & Regulatory Coordinator
Motor Carrier Inspection Press and Public Information
Secretary's Bureau Office of Special Assistants
Bureau of Technical Utility Services  

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Chairman & Commissioners

Chairman Gladys Brown Dutrieuille Phone: 717-787-4301
Fax: 717-783-0698
Vice Chairman David W. Sweet Phone: 717-783-1763
Fax: 717-783-7986
Commissioner Andrew G. Place Phone: 717-783-1197
Fax: 717-783-9845
Commissioner - Ralph V. Yanora Phone: 717-705-6767
Fax: 717-783-8698
Commissioner John F. Coleman Phone: 717-772-0692
Fax: 717-787-5620

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The Executive Offices

Seth A, Mendelsohn, Executive Director Phone: 717-783-1240
Vacant, Director of Regulatory Affairs Phone: 
Wendy Freet, Administrative Officer Phone: 717-783-8156

Dan Mumford, Director of the Office of Competitive Market Oversight
Phone: 717-783-1957
  Fax: 717-787-3417

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Office of Communications

Bureau Director's Office

Tom Charles, Director Phone: 717-787-9504
Lori Shumberger, Executive Secretary Phone: 717-783-9998
Nils Hagen-Frederiksen, Press Secretary Phone: 717-787-5722
Community Relations Phone: 717-787-5722
Fax: 717-787-4193

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Office of Administrative Law Judge

Bureau Director's Office

Charles E. Rainey Jr., Chief Administrative Law Judge Phone: 717-787-1191
Susan Hoffner, Executive Secretary Phone: 717-787-4497 
  Fax: 717-787-0481

Legal Division

Gail Chiodo, Legal Division Supervisor Phone: 717-425-5987


Mediation Unit

Cindy Lehman, Mediation Coordinator Phone: 717-783-5428
Matthew Homsher, Mediation Attorney Phone: 717-787-3988



Deana Schleig, Administrative Officer Phone: 717-783-9959

Harrisburg Administrative Law Judge Office

Phone: 717-787-1191           Fax: 717-787-0481
Judge Dennis J. Buckley Judge Elizabeth H. Barnes
Judge Andrew Calvelli  
Judge Joel Cheskis Judge Steven Haas
Judge Benjamin Myers  

Philadelphia Administrative Law Judge Office

Phone: 215-560-2105           Fax: 215-560-3133
Judge Darlene Heep Judge Angela T. Jones
Judge Marta Guhl Judge Eranda Vero
Judge Christopher P. Pell Judge F. Joseph Brady

Pittsburgh Administrative Law Judge Office

Phone: 412-565-3550           Fax: 412-565-5692
Judge Mark A. Hoyer Judge Katrina L. Dunderdale
Judge Jeffrey Watson Judge Conrad A. Johnson
Judge Mary D. Long  Judge Emily DeVoe


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Bureau of Administration

Bureau Director's Office

Robert Gramola, Director Phone: 717-783-5375
Fax: 717-783-8052
Bobbi Lathrop, Administrator Phone: 717-787-4443
Fax: 717-783-8052

Financial and Assessments

Amy Zuvich, Chief Phone: 717-783-6190
Fax: 717-783-8052

Management Information Systems

Damon Anderson, Chief Phone: 717-787-3603

Office Services

Terri Benzel, Procurement Phone: 717-772-2152
Kelly Bernhard, Duplicating Phone: 717-783-3759
Fax/Storeroom Phone: 717-772-1934

Human Resource Office

Michael Roberts, Human Resource Director Phone: 717-787-8714
Fax: 717-772-3177

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Bureau of Audits

Bureau Director's Office

Kelly Monaghan, Director Phone: 717-772-0312
Roshan Geszvain, Administrator Phone: 717-783-5000
Fax: 717-783-9866

Financial Audits

Lori Burger, Manager
Eastern Region: Harrisburg & Philadelphia
Phone: 717-425-7847
Fax: 717-783-9866
Walter Burd, Supervisor  Phone: 717-772-0315
Deron Henry, Supervisor Phone: 717-772-0304
Vacant, Manager
Western Region: Pittsburgh
Phone: 412-820-2600
Fax: 412-820-2607
Barbara A. Sidor, Supervisor Phone: 412-423-9301

Management Audits & Investigation

John Clista, Manager Phone: 717-772-0317
Nathan Paul, Supervisor
Eastern Region: Harrisburg
Phone: 717-214-8249
George Dorow, Supervisor 
Western Region: Pittsburgh
Phone: 412-820-2602

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Bureau of Consumer Services

Bureau Director's Office

Alexis Bechtel, Director Phone: 717-783-1661
Ann Humes, Administrator Officer
Tracy Robinson, Administrator Officer
Phone: 717-787-5292
Phone: 717-787-4963
Fax: 717-783-5659


Lori Mohr, Division Chief Phone: 717-783-9090
Fax: 717-783-5659

Customer Assistance & Complaint Division (CACD)

  Phone: 717-783-5187
Fax: 717-787-6641
General Information Phone: 800-692-7380
Terminations, Informal Complaints and Consumer Hotline Phone: 800-692-7380
Payment Arrangement Requests Phone: 800-692-7380
General Complaints Phone: 800-692-7380

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Bureau of Technical Utility Services

Bureau Director's Office

Paul Diskin, Director Phone: 717-783-5242
Darren Gill, Deputy Director Phone: 717-783-5244
Ashlee Zrncic, Executive Secretary Phone: 717-783-5242
Christina Klinger, Administrator Phone: 717-787-9382
  Fax: 717-787-4750


Darren Gill, Deputy Director Phone: 717-783-5244
Debra Backer, Energy Supervisor Phone: 717-783-9787
Joseph Sherrick, Policy & Planning/Conservation Supervisor Phone: 717-787-5369

Reliability/Emergency Preparedness

Dan Searfoorce, Manager Phone: 717-783-6159
John Van Zant, Supervisor Phone: 717-787-3810


Dan Searfoorce, Manager Phone: 717-783-6159
Sean Donnelly, Supervisor Phone: 717-783-2505


Erin Laudenslager, Manager Phone: 717-705-4364
Derek Vogelsong, Supervisor Phone: 717-787-5550


Erin Laudenslager, Manager Phone: 717-705-4364
David Huff, Supervisor Phone: 717-705-0934

Transportation (Railroad & Motor Carrier Compliance)

Rodney D. Bender, Manager Phone: 717-787-9732
Cheyenne Smith, Clerical/Administrative Support Phone 717-787-5188
Fax: 717-787-3114

Motor Carrier Compliance Office

Tatjana Roth, Motor Carrier Compliance Chief Phone: 717-787-1168


Phone: 717-787-3834


Phone: 717-787-2616


Phone: 717-787-1227

Rail - FRA Program

Lugene Bastian, Supervisor Phone: 717-316-4374
Fax: 717-787-3114

Rail Safety Engineering

Ron Hull, Supervisor Phone: 717-787-1106
Fax: 717-787-3114

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Law Bureau

Bureau Director's Office

Renardo (Rick) Hicks, Chief Counsel Phone: 717-787-5000
Susan Bennett, Executive Secretary Phone: 717-787-5000
Fax: 717-783-3458
Vikki Moore, Administrator Phone:  717-787-6173

Deputy Chief Counsels

David Screven, Acting Telecommunications & FCC
Patricia Wiedt, Acting Water & Wastewater
Phone: 717-787-5000
Robert F. Young, Electric, Gas, FERC Phone: 717-787-4945
John Herzog, Transportation, Rail & Motor Carrier Phone: 717-783-3714
Fax: 717-783-3458

Library and Regulatory Coordinator

Laura Griffin, Librarian & Regulatory Coordinator Phone: 717-772-4597

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Legislative Affairs

Bureau Director's Office

June Perry, Director Phone: 717-787-3256
Carrie Sheriff, Executive Secretary Phone: 717-787-3256
Tom Beene, Assistant Director Phone: 717-787-3256
Fax: 717-783-1048

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Secretary's Bureau

Bureau Director's Office

Rosemary Chiavetta, Secretary Phone: 717-772-7777
Melissa Reside, Assistant Secretary Phone: 717-787-8147
Doreen Trout, Administrator Phone: 717-787-5700
Fax: 717-783-9526

Document Control and Record Maintenance

Shirley Spunaugle, Manager Phone: 717-772-4945

Compliance and Assignment

Jodi Hillman-Taylor, Supervisor Phone: 717-787-6751
Ariel Wolf, Supervisor Phone: 717-783-0703
Fax: 717-787-0974

Record Retention & Microfilm

Audley Brown, Supervisor Phone: 717-214-6214
Receptionist, File Requests and Requests for Copies of Documents Phone: 717-772-7777

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Office of Special Assistants

Bureau Director's Office


Kathryn G. Sophy, Director Phone: 717-787-1827
Laura Jarvie, Executive Secretary Phone: 717-787-1827
Fax: 717-783-6324
Kim Hafner, Deputy Director Legal Phone: 717-705-3822
Festus Odubo, Deputy Director Technical Phone: 717-783-6181
LeAnn Scheiber, Administrator Phone: 717-787-1914

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Bureau of Investigation and Enforcement

Bureau Director's Office

Richard Kanaskie, Director and Chief Prosecutor Phone: 717-783-6184
Michele Leota, Administrator Phone: 717-787-4887
Fax: 717-772-2677


Lisa Gumby, Fixed Utility Manager Phone: 717-214-3857


Allison Kaster, Deputy Chief Prosecutor Phone: 717-783-7998



Michael Swindler, Deputy Chief Prosecutor Phone: 717-783-6369


Pipeline Safety

Rob Horensky, Manager Gas Safety Phone: 717-787-1063


Kasha Schreffler, Administrator Phone: 717-787-6382
Cathy Royer, Executive Secretary Phone: 717-783-3847
Fax: 717-787-3114
Phillip Jones, New Entrant Administrator Phone: 570-963-4590

Motor Carrier Safety

David W. Loucks, Chief of Enforcement Phone: 717-783-5010
Fax: 717-787-3114

Enforcement Pittsburgh & Altoona District Office

Kimberly M. Johnston, Manager Phone: 412-423-9310
Fax: 412-820-2607

Enforcement Philadelphia District Office

Anthony Bianco, Manager Phone: 215-965-3721
Fax: 215-965-4262

Enforcement Harrisburg District Office

Andrew Turriziani, Manager Phone: 717-787-7598
Fax: 717-787-3114

Enforcement Scranton District Office

Andrew Turriziani, Manager Phone: 570-963-4590
Fax: 570-614-2070

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