The PUC has jurisdiction over intrastate local, toll and access telephone services and providers. The Commission does not regulate broadband, wireless, or cable TV companies. For more information on these, contact your local municipality about cable TV problems or the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Local Service Telephone Competition for Verizon Customers

Verizon Local Service Telephone Competition Fact Sheet - On March 4, 2015, in response to a Petition by Verizon North LLC and Verizon Pennsylvania LLC, the PUC determined that Basic Standalone Local Telephone Service is competitive in 153 wire centers in seven geographical areas within the Commonwealth served by Verizon. The wire centers are located in the following general service regions: Philadelphia, Erie, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, Allentown and York. The PUC determined that enough competition exists in these wire centers from other voice service providers, including competitive local exchange carriers, cable telephony providers and wireless carriers. 


Verizon PA and Verizon North Joint Petition for Reclassification

On Oct. 6, 2014, Verizon PA and Verizon North filed a joint petition (Docket Nos. P-2014-2446303 and P-2014-2446304) to have all retail services in certain parts of the Commonwealth declared competitive and removed from most PUC jurisdiction. Verizon does not propose to reclassify intrastate access services or a small portion of special access services. The petition focuses on the regions in and around Philadelphia/Allentown, Pittsburgh, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Erie, and Harrisburg/York.

Secretarial Letter - Dated May 20, 2015.  Request for comments and reply comments from the Parties regarding the data, form, and reporting schedules required by the Opinion and Order at Docket Nos. P-2014-2446303 and P-2014-2446304. Excel Workbook - The requested data, form and schedules.

Secretarial Letter - Dated October 6, 2014. Notice for publication in the Pennsylvania Bulletin and the notice of the Prehearing Conference Order are included in the Secretarial Letter. Docket Nos. P-2014-2446303 and P-2014-2446304.

You can access all public documents related to this joint petition through the Consolidated Case Views.


FCC Application Filings

Secretarial Letter - Regarding the Proper Service of FCC Section 63.71 Applications to the PUC. Dated December 3, 2014.


311 Dialing Code in Harrisburg Order

City of Harrisburg as the Sole Administrator for 311 - The City of Harrisburg plans to utilize the 311 abbreviated dialing code to provide information on nonemergency police services and other government services to its residents.  From the Public Meeting of May 22, 2014.  Docket No. P-2014-2412153. 


ILEC Access Charge Proceedings

By Commission Order entered July 18, 2011 at I-00040105, certain Pennsylvania rural incumbent local exchange carriers (RLECs) were directed to begin rebalancing their respective intrastate switched access charges and their other noncompetitive service rates in accordance with Annex C of the Order. Commission staff has prepared a proposed template on a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet depicting the manner and format of the revenue neutral rate rebalancing calculations to be performed and submitted by the RLECs. This template, which contains specific instructions on what information shall be submitted by the RLECs may be viewed and downloaded at the below link.

RLEC rate balance template

Verizon Performance Metrics Audit RFP

This Request for Proposal seeks to find a consultant who can assist the Commission in its task of regulation as it relates to the monitoring of Verizon Pennsylvania Inc.'s performance metrics and remedies. The consultant shall develop and conduct a performance metrics review and analysis of Verizon’s performance metrics calculations, related remedies calculations, and reporting accuracy, based upon Commission-adopted metrics and remedies in the Pennsylvania-specific C2C Guidelines (Guidelines) and Performance Assurance Plan (PAP).

Verizon Performance Metrics Audit RFP (.doc)

Verizon Performance Metrics Audit RFP addenda (.docx)

Performance Assurance Plan (.xls)

A pre-proposal conference was held on Wednesday, October 13, 2010 at 1 PM in Executive Chambers, on the third floor on the Commonwealth Keystone Building

Pre-proposal conference attendance

Answers to questions asked at pre-proposal conference

Audit of Verizon PAs Network Modernization Plan (NMP)

The PUC released an audit on the implementation of Verizon Pennsylvania Inc.s Network Modernization Plan (NMP) on Sept. 25, 2008. Docket No. D-2008-2056921. Press Release - Dated September 25, 2008.

Notice of Verizons 2006 Price Change Opportunity

Notice - Secretarial Letter that gives notice to interested parties regarding amendments to Verizon Pennsylvania Inc.s and Verizon North Inc.s 2006 Price Change Opportunity at Docket Nos. R-00051228 and R-00051227. Dated May 2, 2008.

Verizon Communications and MCI Inc. Merger

The joint application and merger plan of Verizon Communications Inc. and MCI Inc. for approval of the merger. The joint application was filed on March 7, 2005. Notice will be published in the Pennsylvania Bulletin on Saturday, April 9, 2005, with the protest period ending on Monday, April 25.

Docket Number A-310580F0009
Joint Application (March 7, 2005) Agreement and Plan of Merger (Feb. 14, 2005)


SBC Communications and AT&T Corp. Merger

The the joint application of SBC Communications Inc. and AT&T Corporation for approval of the merger, together with its certificated Pennsylvania subsidiaries. Filed on Feb. 28, 2005. Docket No. A-311163F0006. Notice should be published in the Pennsylvania Bulletin on March 19, with the protest period ending on Monday, April 4, 2005.

Joint Application (114 PDF pages)