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Until 1997, Pennsylvania had four area codes – 814, 412, 717 and 215. With the increased use of cell phones and consumers purchasing additional lines in their homes, the demand for additional telephone lines exploded. This demand put the four area codes in Pennsylvania in jeopardy.

Since then, five more were added from 1997 through 2000: 724 in greater Pittsburgh, 570 in northeastern Pa., and 610, 484 and 267 in southeastern Pa. In 2001, one more was activated in the greater Pittsburgh area (878). The Commission voted to suspend the implementation of the 445 and 835 area codes in southeastern Pennsylvania. And the telecommunications industry proposed a thirteenth area code for the 570 area, but implementation became unnecessary at the time.

As of 2009, several area codes appeared to need relief due to exhausting telephone numbers.  However, due to conservation measures implemented by the Commission and the FCC, we were able to delay 2 of these exhaustions in 717 and 814 area codes.  The expected life of 570 was extended as long as possible but the need for an overlay finally came and the 272 area code was assigned.  Implementation of the 272 area code will be completed October 21, 2013.

Area Code Maps

Statewide Map

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Conserving Area Codes

Area Code Conservation
Over the past several years, the PUC has instituted several numbering conservation efforts to slow the proliferation of area codes in Pennsylvania , including pooling and NXX code and thousands-block reclamation.

Current Status of Area Codes

Northwestern Pennsylvania
814 region -  The area code stretches from Erie to Johnstown to Breezewood, State College and Potter County.

Northeastern Pennsylvania
570 and 272 region - The region covers Williamsport , Scranton , Wilkes-Barre and Monroe County.

Southeastern Pennsylvania
215, 267, 484 and 610 region -  The 215 and 267 region primarily covers Philadelphia and some surrounding suburbs.  The 610 and 484 area covers Allentown, Reading, Bethlehem, and some suburbs of Philadelphia. 

Central Pennsylvania
717 region - The 717 area codes stretches from Lancaster to Harrisburg, to York and Fulton County.

Western Pennsylvania
412, 724 and 878 region - The 412 area code is primarily located in Pittsburgh and 724 covers the suburbs of Pittsburgh.  The 878 area code is an overlay that covers both the 412 and 724 regions.


Area Code FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions about area codes.

Area Code Dictionary

Area Code Dictionary
List of telephone and area code terms.


The number pooling administrator for the pooling trials.

Area Code Locations
A list of locations for each area code in the US, Canada and some Caribbean Islands.

NANPAArea Codes
North American Numbering Plan Administration who assigns telephone numbers to telephone carriers.