The Commission has jurisdiction over more than 150 water and wastewater utilities, including a number of municipal water and wastewater utilities. In the case of utilities owned and operated by municipalities (city, borough or township), the Commission does not have jurisdiction unless a municipality is serving customers who reside outside of its corporate boundaries. The Commission maintains jurisdiction over the rates and service to these outside customers.

If a municipality was charging a bulk rate to another municipality outside its corporate boundaries, and the other municipality in turn was reselling the water to its customers, the Commission would not regulate either municipality.

The Commission, generally, does not regulate municipal authorities. However, should an authority lease the operating system back to the municipality and municipal officials control the development of rates and operation, the Commission has jurisdiction over the rates and service for customers located outside of the municipality corporate boundaries.

For the most part, the Commission does not regulate mobile home park systems unless it serves customers outside the mobile home park. Fees for service are usually collected within lot rentals.

The Commission does not regulate any bona fide cooperative association that furnishes service exclusively to its stockholders or members on a not-for-profit basis.

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