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The Pennsylvania Code is an official publication of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It contains regulations and other documents filed with the Legislative Reference Bureau.

Water or Wastewater Utility Proceedings

Section 3.501
Applications for New Certificates of Public Convenience as a Water or Wastewater Collection, Treatment and Disposal Supplier (Contact the Water/Wastewater Staff Support at 717-787-3664 for a copy of the Water Business Plan)

  • Short Form Rate Increase Information (under $250,000 in annual revenues)

Information Furnished with the Filing of Rate Changes

Section 53.52

Applicability; Public Utilities Other than Canal, Turnpike, Tunnel, Bridge and Wharf Companies

Section 53.53

Information to be furnished with proposed general rate increase in excess of $1 million

State Tax Adjustment Surcharge (STAS)

Section 69.51

Glossary of terms found in § §  69.51 - 69.56

Section 69.52

General information on the State Tax Adjustment Surcharge

Section 69.53

Zeroing of State Tax Adjustment Surcharge

Section 69.55

Inclusion of State Taxes in Base Rates

Section 69.56

Time for Compliance

Rules and Regulations

Chapter 56

Standards and Billing Practices for Residential Utility Service

Chapter 65

Water Service

Chapter 67

Service Outages

Policy Statements

Chapter 69

General Orders, Policy Statements & Guidelines on Fixed Utilities
Fuel Procurement and Policy Procedures

Section 69.363

Treatment of PENNVEST Obligation

Section 69.701

Small Drinking Water System - Statement of Policy
Viability of Small Water Systems

Section 69.711

Small Nonviable Water & Wastewater Systems - Statement of Policy
Acquisition Incentives