Local Government Impact Fee Distributions

Information is available regarding the amount of money distributed to local governments at the PUC's Act13/Impact Fee Interactive Website.  Click on "Reports" then select the type and year of the report you would like to view.  The site includes information on how much money each municipality received from the Impact Fee and distributions to counties from the Marcellus Legacy Fund.

2013 County and Municipal Disbursements (The information will be added to the Act13/Impact Fee Interactive Website soon.)

Specific information on how the Impact Fee Distributions were calculated also is available.  From the map, click on the county to receive information about fees paid to the county and municipalities; demographics such as populatioon and highway miles; and well-count information.

Overall Breakdown of Impact Fee Money - Click on "Disbursements Report" to see calculations for the Impact Fee funds distributed to state agencies, the Unconventional Gas Well Fund and the Marcellus Legacy Fund.

Act 13 of 2012 Revenue Distribution - Overall disbursement for Year 3. (Excel)